Illusion, or reality?


Yep. I'm finally back from my Korea trip, which is super duper cold. The temperature kept dropping to negative Celsius. The lowest was -22 degrees Celsius, I think.

Jeju Island is not very cold, 5 degrees Celsius, being at the southern part of South Korea and all. It rained though.

The Trick Art Museum at Jeju Island is quite famous. That's why it's in our itinerary. It's a must-visit place, and it's suitable for all ages. Hahaha.

Thank God it's an indoor place because it was raining so it was quite cold.

There's an outdoor place too but we didn't go there because as I said, it was too cold and because we had a schedule to keep.

Snapped some photos of the outdoor safari and ran into the building.

You could follow the photo guides for dramatic presentations. Or, you could let your imagination run wild.

LOVE this expression.

The stuff there are very 3D-ish. Given the right angle, you could be in the middle of the ocean, having wings or even walking on the planks.

It all depends on your point of view.

For example, in the above pictures, what can you see?
On the left, Mona Lisa? Or just a bunch of lines?
In the middle picture, a woman's face, or just two coyotes?
The third one, chess set? Or some people?

Yay. I grew taller. I'm a giant now. Or am I?

The place is built to dazzle your minds. With lots of optical illusions and special effects, you'll get to experience the fun of defying logic.

The place is just full of surprises. Doors that can't be opened, stairs leading to the wall.. It's just way too real to be just a drawing!

There's also a souvenir shop selling cute stuff, like this chicken.
I don't know why but I feel like sharing this colourful one with you people. Hahaha.

This 3D trick art museum on Jeju Island is not my first trick art museum but it's definitely one of my favourite trick art museums and one of my favourite places on Jeju Island! The other place will be the Teseum, which I will update about soon (enough). These places are just, FANTASTIC!

On another matter, it's New Year's Eve!
Out to celebrate, anyone?

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