Bibap? What does it mean? Bibap originated from the Korean word Bibimbap, which is a kind of dish - Mixed rice with vegetables.
So, Bibap is basically translated into "a mixture", and that's what the Bibap Show is all about! A mixture of different talents.

A show ticket costs about 4,000 to 6,000won (RM120-180). But it is really worth it!

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos or record videos in the theater. The show is practically a musical, with beat-boxing (they are damn good at that), singing, martial arts, floor moves and of course, dancing and singing!

The show is also an interactive one. You get to take part in the show itself! Three lucky audiences will get a chance to go on stage while one more will get to taste bibimbap, which smells seriously nice, even from my seat! Unfortunately, I wasn't chosen. Oh well.. At least I got to take part in one segment, which most of the audience were able to interact with the performers.

They change performers every day. I mean, it'd be tiring if you do the shows a few times everyday, right?

Well, it's not good to divulge too much information on such a spectacular show. It's full of surprises, that's all I could say.

You get to see comments from visitors all around the world there too. One part of the wall is for you to leave messages. Unfortunately, we didn't have a marker in handy. :/

And finally, you get to take a group photo with the performers after the show. Although the line is a little long, you don't have to wait THAT long. Anyway, the expression of the guy behind me is just super adorable.

It's probably one of the best and most interesting shows I've ever watched too. :D

Bibap Show Official Site

Stay tuned for the next post! Probably scenic views? x)

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