Ben's General Food Store (BGFS), Publika.


And so we decided to have a quick dinner at Ben's General Food Store inside Ben's Independent Grocer (B.I.G.) at Publika. Lots of people recommended the place and mom and I were thinking, why not?

Even though it was a little after 6, the place was already full of people!
(argh. my phone was running low on battery and I didn't bring a camera out so I realised that some of the photos were blurred after I got home.)

To be honest, I wasn't exactly planning on writing this article. Hence, the lack of photos. We decided to have a light meal as we already had some coffee before that.
They also sell cakes and pastries.

This mashed potato is just superb! Even without the gravy, it's already perfectly seasoned and there is a potato-ish (I seriously don't know how to describe how a potato tastes like) feeling to it. It's not salty or tasteless as some of the mashed potatoes I've tried. It also has a tiny hint of cream in it, just a faint trace.

And also, the half spit-roasted chicken comes with 2 side dishes, both which are to be chosen from the display counter.
To be honest, I could still see the smoke coming from the roasted chicken when it was served on the table. The chicken was super satisfying as it was not too soft nor too hard. The brown sauce goes well with the chicken and I find it enjoyable. Did I forget to mention the fragrance of the dish?

I heard that the pizzas there were awesome too but unfortunately, we couldn't stuff any more food in (what a pity!). Of course, there will be a next time. Mark my words.
I may update this post instead of posting a new article though.

[updated 6 Apr 2014]
Up till now, I've been to Ben's General Food Store thrice (the two times after the first were just last month). Guess what? More food! Here are more from the second and third time round.

Lesson learnt: Bringing a camera to Publika always has its uses.

Mashed Potato: Still awesome as ever. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this. Unfortunately, it is priced at RM10.90 so... less mashed potato for me it is :(

Pollo Ananas Pizza: Chicken, pineapple, mozarella, tomatoes.. I love the crispy outer crust and it'd be perfect if it's grilled chicken slices instead of ordinary chicken slices. (darn. I just love grilled chicken)

Macaroni and Cheese: The old Mac N Cheese, with side dishes. Well, the side dish was great but I was a little disappointed with the macaroni and cheese as it was too cheesy for me.

We wanted to have the spit-roasted chicken too but it was sold out (it was just 8pm...) :/

Red Velvet Cake: It's a tad warm and to be honest, it doesn't click with me. I don't really like the chocolate layers in between but still, finishing the cake was an easy task.

Check out Ben's General Food Store's website for the menu and additional information. :D

If I were to rate BGFS, it'll be a 9/10. It is an awesome place to dine but due to the lack of space, most have to queue for quite some time if they arrive there, say, about 8pm. Therefore, it is advised to go there earlier if you are not a queue-ing kind of person.

There's another branch at Bangsar Village I, which is a shop lot. I seldom get to go to Bangsar (being me couldn't find time to start learning the basics of driving) so I havn't tried the BGFS there but there's always a possibility! :3

Ben's General Food Store (BGFS), Publika.
Lot 1A 83 - 95
Level UG1 Publika
Solaris Dutamas 1
Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 6209 1717/40
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm

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