ANGUK STATION, SEOUL: Insadong & Bukchon


Left for Anguk station after a quick and simple lunch near our Airbnb place. It was our first stop and everything just seems so new, so foreign. I've been to Korea once about 4 years back but we were on a group tour and it was winter (we basically went there for a skiing trip).

INSA-DONG (Exit 6)

The streets of Insadong are full of souvenirs and food. We were surprised when we saw a lot of Koreans wearing the traditional hanbok and we thought that there was an event of some kind but it turned out that the national costume of Korea is popular in Insadong.

We also found some Dragon's Beard candy selling for ₩15,000 per box. The street vendor was super friendly and started speaking in Malay when we told him that we were from Malaysia. He could speak Chinese quite OK too. Hmm.


This open-air "shopping centre" is exceptionally beautiful under the evening sun. It is environmental-friendly as there's no central air-conditioning (duh!) and elevators are practically non-existent. It might be troublesome for wheelchairs and people who find climbing stairs a tedious task.

There's a spot for lovers on the top level of Ssamziegil shopping centre where couples could purchase badges to leave messages on. I guess that it is the Korean version of a love lock (much lighter too!).

We also found something interesting.. poop-shaped pancakes (I guess it's technically called a pancake but it's more like the Malaysian apom balik).
Available fillings: Chocolate/Red bean, ₩1,500/piece
The poop-ier, the better, huh.
On a related note, there's also a poop cafe on the top floor of Ssamziegil Shopping Centre.

We also visited the Miss Lee Cafe in the area. We were quite tired by then and decided to just spend our time around the area instead of going to Dongdaemun as planned.

BUKCHON (Exit 3)

And so we walked around and followed the crowd. We've already been to Gyeongbokgung Palace during our previous trip and decided to skip the Bukchon Hanok Village as the exterior of our Airbnb place in Gongdeok is quite similar.

Saw people shooting a commercial (I suppose), with lots of people along the pavement. It was quite congested due to crowd control but doubt that the male actor was uber-famous but it was my first time seeing someone film a commercial up close. Heh.

Saw this on my Facebook feed not too long ago and wondered if this was it. My brother got excited over the colourful popcorn but I guess he didn't realise that these were the infamous nitrogen popcorn (₩3,000/cup).

What's so special about them, you ask?

You get to blow cold air out of your mouths and noses! -evil grin-
Ever dreamt of becoming a dragon in the hot summer? It wasn't really that hot then but you get the idea.

Shopped for some clothes and headed back for some cup noodles. Maybe I should compile a list of the instant noodles I've had. Mhm.

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