After a long break, here I am again (went on another trip that I will update soon. Yes, SOON). So here's a mini post to start with.

Long story short, we were surprised that the Bonjuk in Ewha wasn't as crowded as the other ones that were being reviewed by travellers all over. In fact, the Ewha branch is quite small and cozy.

Sweet Pumpkin Porridge (₩8,000) was my first pick as I had a pumpkin porridge craving. Pumpkin porridge outside of South Korea just wouldn't fit my bill.

This was my first time having porridge of such a smooth texture as the few pumpkin porridge I had the last time I was in Korea was a bit more grainy and with a rougher texture.

It is unlike a thick paste but tasty nevertheless. However, I had a little difficulty finishing half of it so it gets a little nauseous after a while. Fair warning though, if you don't really fancy sweet porridge then it's not for you. Some people love it, some people hate it.

I did spot other patrons from Bonjuk finishing a whole bowl of red bean porridge. Maybe it's just not my thing.

Next up is their Abalone Porridge (₩10,000). They also offer special abalone porridge with 2x (₩15,000) or 3x (₩20,000) the amount of abalone in it.

I felt that the rice was a little chewy for my taste but overall it's quite decent.

Also, the portion of the porridge is worth the money as we were sharing two sets between three adults and one child.

Not your type of porridge? Bonjuk offers other types of porridge such as ones with crabmeat and some others are filled with seaweed. There's also a vegetarian porridge available!
(Thanks to English descriptions on the menu! Else it would have taken forever to order)

The owners were quite courteous and polite and there's also free wifi there if you are desperately finding somewhere to upload your photos on Instagram or Facebook (or any other social platforms).

Bonjuk (Ewha) 본죽이대점
40-17 Sinchon-ro, Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea (dragged the address from Google maps)
Nearest subway station: Ewha Women's University (Line 2) - Exit 2
*Take two lefts upon exiting the station from Exit 2. Bonjuk is on the left.
(refer to the embedded map below or copy and paste the shop's Korean name into Google Maps. It should be quite easy to find).

Will share the itinerary which will link the posts in a cohesive way but in the meantime, check out the other posts from my Korea trip below!

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