EWHA WOMEN'S UNIVERSITY STATION, SEOUL: Ewha University Town & Yeolbong Jjimdak 열봉찜닭


Many have been complaining that Dongdaemun is slowly turning into an expensive shopping place and have turned to smaller and less corporate-like university towns to get items that fit their budget.

We went to Bonjuk for lunch.

Then visited the flea market located in the open space opposite Bonjuk (every Saturday, from March till November). Got a weird-looking duck from the cotton candy store as my brother wanted something unique.

What you should know is, there are two different sections of Ewha Women's University Fashion Street: the main shopping street with retail chainstores and the more competitive/cheaper area called the Casual Clothes and Shoes Shopping Street. You'll know when you see the casual shopping street as it is similar to Taiwan's Wufenpu (五分埔).

Dropped by a chicken place as we were hungry by 3-4pm. It was spontaneous and unplanned for, and it was quiet at that hour. Turned out that the place that we happened to stumble upon by accident was Yeolbong Jjimdak 열봉찜닭, owned by Korean pop idol Se7en.

Obviously, my sister freaked out over the Big Bang posters.

They didn't have an English menu but ordering was simple as the waiter was kind enough to explain (portion wanted, level of spiciness, type of chicken, etc.) because I freaked out over the Korean menu and took quite some time trying to figure out Hangul.

We ordered a medium sized one but didn't actually expect it to be huge, as it was obvious that the portion was meant for 4 adults (or at least 2 very hungry ones). Managed to finish it anyways, the chicken was juicy and marinated with a sweet/salty combination that goes well with the glass noodles. The jjimdak we ordered costs ₩33,000 with tteokbokki.
The store is not located on the ground floor*

Yeolbong Jjimdak 열봉찜닭
27-4 Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
서대문구 대현동 27-4 2층

Needless to say, we continued shopping after that.
Got a few pieces of clothing and socks, headed towards the Women's University.


The aesthetics of one of the campus buildings made it a landmark/photospot for tourists and locals alike.

We also caught some actors filming a tv drama (I assume) in the building so there were people crowding around and trying to guess said kdrama.

More posts on my trip below!

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