HONGIK UNIVERSITY STATION, SEOUL: Hongdae and some of its street food


Decided to go on to one of the hippiest place in Seoul, Hongdae. You could literally feel the difference in atmosphere once you get off the Hongik University Station, especially on a Saturday evening.
Hongdae is a must-visit spot if you're not a demophobe (someone who is afraid of crowds) as it is famous for its urban culture.

Hongdae is a place with pretty decent shopping places (Innisfree, Nature Republic, and Etude House are practically everywhere in Seoul).
We decided to skip dinner and enjoy some street food instead as we had a late second lunch.
I repeat, it's VERY CROWDED. Squeezing through groups of people is no fun at all.

So we got a strawberry/yogurt ice-cream that is quite common in Seoul and Taiwan. We were careful to not tilt it too much as it felt super wobbly.

Takoyaki yay! Not exactly a Korean snack but it had been a while since I had takoyakis.

Egg bread/Gyeran Bbang 계란빵, which is also a popular Korean street food.

Spicy cheese chicken (₩3,500 for a small one). Chicken was crispy and tender at the same time, a little too much of the spicy sauce but it's recommended!

Also, Aboong's taiyaki with mango ice-cream (₩3,000). Not a lot of people when I spotted the small store and bought a taiyaki ice-cream for myself but boy, there was a queue after I got mine. The ice-cream wasn't too sweet and it doesn't taste like the overly-artificial ones. Taiyaki was still crispy and delicious even after we finished most of the ice-cream (which took a while).
Aboong also expanded to Malaysia but sorry to say that I have not tried it yet, Will it be the same as this heavenly creation?

Next stop, Thanks Nature Cafe, which is covered in another post.

You will often find street performances in Hongdae, especially Saturday nights, varying from singing, to dancing, to magic tricks. And they could just be located next to each other, each having their own circle (or square) of audience.

Of course, there's more to Hongdae's street food and culture (we didn't spend much time there as we were taking things leisurely and at a slow pace at Ewha in the morning/afternoon. oops), it's up to you to discover it!

Also, if you are in the area you could try tomake your own ring!

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