HYEHWA STATION, SEOUL: AND.here Cafe 앤드히어 카페


If you're a fan of Big Bang, you'd probably have heard of AND.here Cafe. What makes this cafe so special? It's owned by Big Bang group member, Seungri (some say that it's owned by his mother but same same).

Anyways, we were dragged by my sister (who's obsessed with Big Bang) to AND.here Cafe at Hyehwa.

It's a little walk away from the Hyehwa station, maybe about 5-10mins but we managed to reach there without breaking a sweat.

A few Big Bang merchandise and albums here and there.

Aw, there's even a Salvador Dali clock on the stairs (which actually tells the time). How cool is that?

There are also figurines and plushies that might or might not be from fans all around the world. Some of them are awesome though.

-when you are crazy enough to take photos with standees of your idols-

Marshmallow waffle with green tea ice cream (₩9,500 - ₩6,000 for the waffle and ₩3,500 for the ice-cream) for my sister.
I had mixed feelings for this as I find the taste of the marshmallow too distracting and the green tea ice-cream was a little too thick. Bad combo maybe?

And I had a plain waffle with yogurt blueberry ice-cream (₩8,300 - ₩4,800 for the waffle and ₩3,500 for the ice-cream).
I love this combination to bits as the blueberry yoghurt ice-cream was refreshing and goes well with the waffle. The waffle itself is crispy on the outside and chewy inside.

Slightly pricey if converted to Malaysian ringgit but the food prices in Korea are pretty standardised (and it's actually decent if converted to Singaporean dollars).

Sweet Potato Latte (₩4,800).
At first, I had this impression that I was ordering a taro latte but I didn't realise it until a little afterwards. Not sure what was wrong with me that day lol.
Anyways, I find it not too milky but I felt slightly nauseous after drinking large gulps at one go.

AND.here Cafe
31-14 Dongsung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
(Hyehwa station Exit 1)

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