DONGDAEMUN HISTORY & CULTURE PARK STN, SEOUL: Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Yellow Cafe


You'll be greeted with an impressive view of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) when you exit from the Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station. It is also located near the main shopping outlets that open till late night/early morning, some places even close at 5am!
Some of the outlets include Doota and HelloAPM.

The DDP is best viewed at night, as the place is thoroughly lit and the cooling night breeze definitely helps.

Snacked a little before continuing. THE STREET FOOD IN KOREA IS GOOD DAMNIT.

We (sort of) rushed to the Hyundai City Outlet before it closes as it was quite late then.

image from because my camera went dead after taking a few photos

It's the Yellow Cafe, at the B2 floor of Hyundai City Outlet.

What's so special about this cafe, you may ask? It's a cafe dedicated to the famous must-drink 바나나맛우유, or simply known as Binggrae Banana Milk!
The bottled packaging is only found in South Korea, as far as I know. They have Binggrae Banana Milk in boxes here but it is certainly not as fresh nor as lovely as the bottled ones (you have to admit that the bottles are cute too). We tried.
Anyways, we had one bottle of it almost every day when we were in Korea. Mom's a huge fan. True story.

Banana-flavoured Milk Ice-cream (₩3,500), milky and banana-y.
Just like the Binggrae Banana Milk, this banana ice-cream most certainly does not have the overwhelming artificial banana taste like some other brands/food items but milky instead (the banana flavouring IS artificial though).

Banana Flavoured Milkshake with Ice-cream Topping (₩5,700).

To be fair, the items that we ordered tastes similar as the cafe is devoted to the Binggrae Banana Milk, and almost everything is from the banana milk. Didn't try their cheese tart nor pudding though.

Yellow Cafe is located at the B2 level of Hyundai City Outlet.

Hyundai City Outlet:
13- -ga,, 20 Euljiro 6(yuk)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

(click image above. do it)

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