HAPJEONG STATION, SEOUL: YG building / Your Public Oasis / Get & Show Cafe


You've most probably heard of Hongdae but if you are not familiar with the area, you might not know that Hapjeong is only located next to the Hongik University district and is also home to many cafes.

YG Entertainment Building

Our first stop in Hapjeong is to the YG Entertainment Building as my sister is a diehard fan of Big Bang and some other artistes who are under YG Entertainment.
I don't really fancy kpop but I do appreciate some of the songs and dramas. Just not crazy enough to want to wait outside the building for the next few hours.

You could find messages from visitors/fans all over the world on the wall directly opposite the building and fans waiting outside the building or sitting outside the GS25 convenience store nearby.

My sister did claim that she saw about 10 kpop artistes entering/exiting the building during her 4-hour wait, and was hyper excited when she saw the president of the company
-insert 'but why' gif here-

Well, you could always try your luck.

Anyways, after leaving her there, we continued on to explore the beautiful town that is also full of eateries and unique architecture.

Your Public Oasis

After walking around and exploring supermarkets, we passed by a flower shop.

Your Public Oasis is a project by Iamo, one of the bigger flower studios in Seoul. It was so beautiful that I had to stop and step into the store.

But getting photos taken is also a priority. *so candid*

If only I get to keep them all to myself (even for just a few days).

Anyways, they do serve flower teas and coffee at Your Public Oasis.

And my tea came with a flower ring! (free flower rings for everyone? wow.)
Got myself a card with dried flowers too. The cashier was kind enough to get me a box to keep the flowers from getting damaged and I could safely put it into my check-in luggage.

Get & Show Cafe

We also passed by a lego-themed cafe so we did the most logical thing: we went in!

Our itinerary for the trip was mostly shopping and eating so we decided to let my 11yr old brother have some fun at a lego cafe (not to mention that it is fun!)

They do sell a variety of Legos at Get & Show. For those who are just looking for a little funtime,  Lego sets are available for rent at ₩4,500 every 30mins.

We settled for honey toast again as they only sell desserts and we were quite hungry at that time.

Anyways, here's the completed X-Men Lego set that my brother chose. The jet took quite some time to build and we capped it around 1hr15mins. Ohwell.

Also... you know what to do if you're interested in more posts on my trip to Korea.
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