Monsant Cafe 몽상, Aewol Jeju


So, as I mentioned earlier, our main purpose of going to Jeju Island was because of Monsant Cafe, owned by kpop group Big Bang's G-Dragon.
I suppose another reason why people visit the cafe (besides it being owned by G-Dragon) is the structure and design + location of the cafe itself.

Impressive. Did I not mention that it's located by the sea too?
The glass facade reflects the waters and the sky but also gives passersby a glimpse of what is happening inside as the facade is made up of multiple movable panels.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy evening and the colours didn't appear as bright as we expected.

The sleek and simple exterior complemented the rustic/industrial interior, attracting more visitors to the cafe.
-inner interior designer triggered-

Hallabong Macaron (₩3,000).
Hallabong is a type of orange that is native to Jeju Island. Picked this because it's unique and you most probably won't find this outside of the island (unless it's Japan, maybe?).

Sharknado (₩6,000)

White Mountain Pizza (₩15,000) is basically a calzone filled with peanut butter and nuts.
Bit messy to eat though, heh.

Candid shot.. of the ajumma (most probably a mainland Chinese tourist though) walking past on the left.

FYI, opening hours: 9.30am - 8pm daily, kitchen closes around 6pm though. 

Monsant Cafe 몽상
2546 Aewol-ri, Aewol-eup, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea

We took a taxi there but there are also bus options to Monsant Cafe :)
Buses are of course cheaper but if you are going there in a group, I would recommend taking a taxi as it is much more convenient.

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