SINSA STATION, SEOUL: Hanchu Fried Chicken 한추


Wanted to have fried chicken for lunch and then only realised that Hanchu only opens after 5pm. Welp.
So back to Hanchu at 6pm it was.

Said to be one of the best fried chicken places in Seoul, Hanchu Fried Chicken is located between Sinsa Station and Apgujeong Station, in Garosu-gil. The only downside is that the place's signage was only in Hangul (Korean writing).
Fortunately, we learnt to read Hangul.

*travelling tip: learning a little of Hangul makes it so much easier to read signage and menus in Korea. I only took a day to learn the basics but you could learn at your own pace. There are lots of guides available online!

Weirdly enough, they do have an English menu.
Hanchu specialises in fried chicken so you won't get many mains there but they do have some other snacks like deep-fried squids and some rice cakes.

You could also get some soju to go with your fried chicken and snacks.

Fried Chicken (₩17,000).
I feel that the normal fried chicken was a little above average as it was crispy and less oily. The chicken batter supposedly had been mixed with green peppers but I doubt we got much peppers on our plate of chicken. It was OK.

Seasoned Chicken (₩19,000).
A little spicy but basically normal fried chicken with sweet-spicy sauce and sesame seeds. I like the sauce though.

Will most probably try other food in the area before returning to Hanchu.

Hanchu Fried Chicken
68 Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil, Gangnam-gu

Operating hours: 5pm - 3am daily

(yep, one last post)

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