Central Market, Phnom Penh


Truth be told, I didn't spend as much time at the Central Market as planned. 

I havn't seen that many art deco buildings in my life therefore I was quite excited about going to the Central Market (a.k.a. Phsar Thmei, or "New Market") in Phnom Penh before my trip to Cambodia.
I thought that I'd be able to sit somewhere and sketch or something but that plan was foiled by the hot weather and the uncountable tuktuk calls.

Decided to visit the Central Market after my morning at Choeung Ek so I asked my tuktuk driver to drop me there instead of my guesthouse.

I thought I'd walk around and explore the market a little as Sive said that there are a variety of food there.

So I walked through the entrance where he dropped me (I guess that's the main entrance).
I was warned beforehand of pickpockets and snatch thieves in the city therefore I was extremely wary of my surroundings when I took my camera out from my bag but truth be told, it's safer to do that indoors than out on the streets.

The colour combination and quality of the photo above made it look like something from a bad Photoshop project but the contrast of the interiors of the buildings and the stalls within wasn't what I had expected.

Most of the stalls inside the Central Market are selling handicrafts, clothes, and household items. Not sure why that they think it is a good idea to sell jewellery in the heart of the market but that's what they did. Looks out of place to me.

After walking around for quite some time and (still couldn't find the food areas), I started turning circles and wondering if I'm lost. Didn't get touristy photos too but I was amazed at the quality of the imitation goods sold there.

A few turns later, just when I was about to lose hope, I saw the entrance to a slightly crowded area and decided to try my luck.


Went to take a look around and realised that I have no idea what most of the foods are.. so scaredy cat me just settled for a cup of iced lemon tea.
The grilled items look good but I just had my braces and it would be difficult to bite so I skipped them too. Will definitely give those a try on my next visit. REGRETS. REGRETS.

So if you are planning for a food trip and considering braces, better do it after your trip or at least one month before said trip.

Central Market Phnom Penh (Phsar Thmei)
Kampuchea Krom, St 128, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Operating Hours: 0700-1800 everyday

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