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I started this blog 5 years back because I wanted to share snippets of my life with the people around me and also my views on things. It then slowly turned into a food/travel blog where itineraries and food reviews are uploaded.

A little get-to-know-me section:

1. I'm a foodie. Weird combinations and/or hipster food amuses me and I just have to try to know.
2. Malaysian-born Chinese, multilingual.
3. Trying to survive the semester (art student, 'nuff said).
4. Still unable to suppress the wanderlust in myself, planning more trips in the future.
5. I listen to most genres of music, from classical to rock.
6. Life is incomplete without my trustworthy cameras.
7. Constant lack of money due to shopaholic nature (and art supplies).
8. Family and friends.. They make my life awesome.
9. Impatient, sometimes.
10. Judgmental, hypocrite.
11. Procrastinator.
12. I bake.
13. Appreciates a good book.
14. Movie buff + TV series addict.
15. Cartoons are cool too.
16. So are animes and mangas, Attack on Titan and One Punch Man ftw.
17. Introvert at times.
18. I currently own an online shop if you are interested in handmade accessories and/or cheaper stuff.
19. Trying to establish my portfolio on arts and photography (in progress).
20. Too many things on my bucketlist.

Feel free to contact me via email ( for any work-related offers!

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